Alba Otomotiv

Alba is manufacturing rod-ball joint and hydraulic forging in the automotive sector.

Alba has adopted policy of continuous innovation and closely follows the technology and produces innovations with its management philosophy and its knowledgeable and educated staff.

Alba improves its production technologies day by day and gives continuous training to its personnel on quality.

Alba is focused on customer satisfaction in the light of philosophy of excellence. Total Quality Management is kept in the forefront and it is constantly investing for rapid production with the competitive understanding required by our age. It follows its customers closely and works with a solution focus.

Alba manufactures the molds of its products completely within its own facilities and increases its product range with every day by day.


In order to serve as a company that continuously develops the quality values, our company is dedicated to be open to develop independently in a way to produce more capital each day within the scope of the duties and authorities of the company, to meet customer requests, to set goals and to create a safe environment in which productivity will reach maximum level.


Being a reliable company leading the sector, continuously improving the processes and improving the satisfaction of our domestic and foreign customers with total quality management principles.