Alba Otomotiv started its operations in an area of 70 m2 in 1992, continues its activities in the automotive sector with the production of molds, rod- ball joint and hydraulic group together with Alba Ferro export company.

Alba Otomotiv differed from others with its own R & D department, use of latest technologies and technical knowledge in mold manufacturing has developed its own production systems and grants warranty by considering production as a project by controlling the production process and its products 100%.

Alba Otomotiv, active in the country and abroad with more than 450 types of rod, ball joint and hydraulic forging products and produces its own molds in its own production system and increases its product range day by day.

With its monthly production capacity of 1200 tons / month, it is a reputable forging company in its sector which produces parts in various sizes and tolerances from 0.04 kg to 6 kg.

Certified with IATF 16949 - ISO 9001: 2015 standards, Alba Otomotiv focuses on customer satisfaction in the light of its philosophy of excellence. Total quality management is at the forefront and continuous investment is made for rapid production with the competitive understanding required by our age. We follow our customers closely and work solution-oriented.